Report submitted by the Committee on Social Affairs and the Interior of the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) on 22 October 2020

Report about Nordic co-operation on international adoption mediation

1. Background

It is a political ambition to create an economically sustainable adoption system for international adoption. However, sustainability is challenged, mainly due to a generally declining number of international adoptions. Therefore, it is necessary to work for political solutions that can create sustainability in the adoption system.
The adoption mediation is today mediated by the independent non-governmental organization Danish International Adoptions (DIA). The adoption agency is fee-financed with a direct state subsidy to the adoption agency.
Today, there are independent non-governmental organizations in each of the Nordic countries that mediate adoption mediation. These countries, like Denmark, are experiencing challenges with a declining number of international adoptions.
A solution for a future sustainable adoption system can thus be that the organizations in the Nordic countries work together across the countries in a formalized co-operation, which in the long run can become an actual operational co-operation.

2. Political remarks

A majority in the committee (V, DF, SF, RV, KF, NB and LA) instructs the government to work for a common Nordic co-operation. working model between the adoption mediation organizations, which are in charge of the mediation in the respective countries. Thus, the Minister is instructed to examine the possibilities of establishing a formalized Nordic co-operation. The Minister is hereby instructed to contact the Nordic ministerial colleagues in the area to ensure political co-operation and anchoring in all the Nordic countries. The committee must be kept informed of developments and receive a preliminary status no later than the end of the parliamentary year.

3. Committee work

The committee has considered the report in 1 meeting.


Kirsten Normann Andersen


Translation: Ole Bergmann, NAC Secretary