Nordic Adoption Days 2011 (Open Days)

Read summaries and see slides from the different parts of the program by clicking on the titles below.

Opening of the Nordic Meeting
Jan Göransson and Sten Juul Petersen

Nordic Adoption Approach: How it started.
International adoption in Sweden
Cecilia Lindgren, University of Linköping

Her presentation can be found at this link.

Panel Discussion about experiences in the past.
Nordic Adoptions Today
Integration and/or Discrimination?

Barbara Yngvesson, Boston

Her power point presentation can be found at this link.

The power point-presentation can also be ordered from NAC Secretary

Panel Discussion on the current situation
in the Nordic Countries
Mary Juusela, Sweden, Mikael Jarnlo, Sweden, Nina Reiten Schjetne, Norway, Robert Jonasen, Denmark

Concluding Discussion
What can adoptive parents and adoptive organisations do?
Michael Paaske, Adoption & Samfund, Denmark
Jan Göransson, Adoptionscentrum, Sweden
Tuula Kumpumäki, All our Children, Finland
Øystein Gudim, Adopsjonsforum, Norway

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