Chairpersons' Conference 2014

took place in Stockholm following the EurAdopt Conference in April 2014. Chairpersons' Conference began after lunch on Saturday 26th and was concluded before lunch on Sunday 27th April.

The venue was at Kom Hotel.

Link to Program.

Meeting room: Brunkeberg at Best Western Kom Hotel
Moderator: Mona Arfs

Saturday 26th April 2014
12-13 Lunch at Best Western Kom Hotel
13-15 Presentation on current situation in each of the five countries (20 minutes each). What is the actual situation in your country? The presentation should be countrywise but specific issues for individual organisations may be covered as well. Questions will be referred to in the afternoon session.
15-16 Coffee at hotel and group-walk-and-talk outside hotel. To be discussed: referring to the country presentations during the first session, find at least one suggestion for a good and necessary cooperation activity.
16-18 Questions, discussion and suggestions on strategies and cooperation. Which are the most important cooperation issues? How can we accomplish the walk-and-talk-suggestions? There are also some notes from the beehives in Tórshavn and a list of questions for a deepened discussion.
19.30 Dinner (with further discussions?) at Kaknästornet

Sunday 27th April 2014
8-12 Summarizing and concretization of the most desired, eligible, necessary and practicable cooperation strategies in order to strengthen and improve mediation and PPAS. Operational planning of short-term activities to achieve the objectives of our long-term strategies?
By-election Swedish board member and substitute
Working group for General Meeting in Norway 2015
Strengthening cooperation between authorities and accredited bodies specially when working in giving countries- Spanish courses for adoptive parents to be presented
The NAC logo: 6 designs will be presented and maybe voted about.-
Any other issues
12-13 Lunch at Best Western Kom Hotel

13-16 Board Meeting:
Further planning of realization of the future strategies and cooperation discussed at the CC.