Nordic Meeting 2015 Gardermoen

Thursday 24th September
18.00 Meeting of the outgoing board

Friday 25th September

Read Adopsjonsforum's article about the Nordic Meeting here (Norwegian language):

Adoption in the five Nordic countries. See the pp-presentations here.

Adopting special needs children / older children / siblings
Anita Frydenlund Austdal: Challenges
Stig Flesland: Be prepared - for what?
Marthe Oldren Smørdal: The post-adoption need for assistance
Film from Norwegian TV2 (click for English "subtitles")
Else Lill Beyer Urdal: Approving families for adoption of children with special needs.

What is good practice?
Øystein Gudim: Good Adoption practice

Meeting the future

Saturday 26th September

Danish model - PPAS
Michael Paaske: Danish model - Pre and Post Adoption Services

13.30 General Meeting (NAC members only)

17.00 Meeting of the Incoming board