Webinar 17th of November 2021

Finding families: adoptive parenting assessment, matching and post adoption services

Lecture from Dr. Anneke JG Vinke at 16:00 CET online.

In this webinar the focus will be on adoptive parenting in the face of a changing adoption field.

In the past three decades, both adoption practice and theory have evolved massively. Scientific studies on child development, attachment, trauma, affective neurobiology next to personal experiences and narratives of adult adoptees have given both scientists and practitioners valuable insights on intercountry adoption. In this webinar there will be a focus on how these insights can be translated to assessment, matching and post adoption services.

All from a background of a changing adoption field where less children are adopted abroad, but those that are coming to a new family in a new country often have special needs that often ask for special parenting skills and or counselling services.