General Meeting 2020 virtual

General Meeting, 25th September 2021
at 10:00 – 12:00 CEST Online
*Words of welcome and roll call
Elísabet Hrund Salvarsdóttir

*Election of officials for the meeting:
- chairperson for GM
- secretary for GM
- two members to oversee the

*Report from the Board for the period 2019-2021
Elísabet Hrund Salvarsdóttir

*Accounts (financial report) and auditor’s report for 2019 and 2020
Ole Bergmann

*Presentation of the Board members (s)elected from each of the countries

*Nominations by Election Committee:
- chairperson of the NAC board
- any extra board member
Kristinn Ingvarsson Islensk Ættleiðing
Ina Dulanjani Dygaard, Adoption & Samfund

*Election of a Chairperson of NAC

*Election of an extra member of the board

*Composition of Election Committee for coming period up to NM 2023

*Activity Plan for the period 2021 -2023
- Members’ Meeting (decision and venue)
- Nordic Meeting (venue)

*Activity plan 2021- 2023
Elísabet Hrund Salvarsdóttir

*Budget and membership fee for the years 2022-2023.
Ole Bergmann

*Informal sharing about recent developments in the area of adoption in the Nordic countries, and in the countries of origin. PowerPoint presentations.

*Any other matters

*Closing of the Meeting
Elísabet Hrund Salvarsdóttir